Retinal degeneration

Project description

Retinal degeneration refers to degeneration of the retinal cells, namely. Most common form amongst purebred dogs is the progressive retinal atrophy (PRA). Several dog breeds suffer from retinal degeneration and to some of them a genetic test has been developed. First symptoms of retinal degeneration include the inability to see properly in dimm light. As the disease progresses, the affected dog can lose its vision completely.



Airedale Terrier, Alaskan Malamute, Chihuahua, Coton de Tuléar, Karelian Beardog, Miniature Schnautzer, Lapponian Herder, Swedish Vallhund, Finnish Lapphund.

Samples from retinal degeneration affected dogs in any breed are welcome.


Which samples are needed:

  • dogs that have been diagnosed with retinal degeneration
  • close relatives (parents, siblings, offspring) of the affected dogs
  • healthy dogs over 6 years of age


Veterinary certificate copies requested from all eye examined dogs

  • veterinary ophthalmological certificates
  • other veterinary certificates



  1. How to participate.
  2. Health surveillance questionnaire.


Contact us:

Maria Kaukonen, DVM (

phone +358 (0) 29 4125678