Project description

Distichiasis refers to a situation in which eye lashes are incorrectly situated in the dog's eyelids and therefore touch the surface of the eye. This irritation can cause abnormal tear production ("epiphora"), blinking and redness of the affected eye. The severity of the symptoms is affected by the thickness and site of the abnormal lashes.



Especially Lagotto Romagnolo, Samoyed, Shetland Sheepdog, Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

Samples from distichiasis affected dogs in any breed are welcome.


Which samples are needed:

  • dogs that have been diagnosed with distichiasis
  • close relatives (parents, siblings, offspring) of the affected dogs
  • healthy dogs over 6 years of age


Veterinary certificate copies requested from all eye examined dogs

  • veterinary ophthalmological certificates
  • other veterinary certificates



  1. How to participate.
  2. Health surveillance questionnaire.


Contact us:

Maria Kaukonen, DVM (maria.kaukonen@helsinki.fi)

phone +358 (0) 29 4125678