Adverse vaccine reactions

Vaccination is a highly efficient and generally safe method to protect our best friends from dangerous and often life-threatening infections. In some rare cases, vaccination has been associated with adverse immunological reactions. Typically, adverse reactions are harmless and mild local reactions and/or varying general symptoms. Severe adverse vaccine reactions are very rare, but for example Pinschers appear to have an increased risk of adverse reaction following vaccinations.

At mildest, there may be local symptoms such as swelling around the point of injection. At worst, the dog may have severe symptoms which require immediate medical intervention. Adverse vaccine reactions have been reported in Pinschers for decades, and even up to one third of Pinschers have experienced abnormally strong reactions after vaccination.

The reason for the increased risk of adverse vaccine reactions in Pinschers is not known. Our aim is to investigate the molecular genetics underlying susceptibility to adverse vaccine reactions in the breed.


Study breeds:

Pinschers. We are also interested in hearing about other breeds with adverse vaccine reactions. 


Dogs eligible for study:

Samples from two kinds of dogs are being collected for the research:

-dogs who have experienced adverse vaccine reactions

-healthy dogs who have never had any symptoms after vaccination


Copies of diagnoses and other information needed:

Case history, results from clinical examinations. possible post-mortem report



Further information on sending blood samples.
A sample form to be sent along with the blood samples.

An electronic form for details and updates of dog's health and owner's contact information.


Contact person:

In case your dog is suitable for the research, please contact Hannes Lohi (hannes.lohi(at)