Health update campaign

We are currently updating the health and contact information of the dogs in our Canine DNA Bank.

Update requests are emailed to all owners of the sampled dogs who have given us their email address.

(We will advertise the campaign in Facebook etc. once we have sent all the update requests.)

Current phase of the update campaign: We have sent the first round of update requests, to all dog owners for whom we had a functional email address. We have also received a substantial number of updates already; many thanks to all updaters so far!

NB. We have got a substantial number of email enquiries regarding the campaign, so please note that an answer to your question may be delayed.

How can I update my dog's information?

The health and contact information is updated using an electronic form at

The form has been recently revised. The new version documents the dog's health information more comprehensively and systematically. On the other hand, the form is also easier and faster to fill in: after the basic information of the dog and owner, you'll be asked to indicate the kinds of diseases that the dog has had, and detailed questions are only asked about those diseases.


Further information about the campaign and answers to Frequently Asked Questions.