Project description

We have received samples from Kuvasz dogs that are suspected to suffer from a degenerative brain disease, encephalomyelopathy (Hazlett ym. 2005).  Affected puppies have developed first symptoms at around one month of age. The clinical signs include general weakness and unwillingness to move, as well as progressive motor incoordination (ataxia). Most affected puppies have been euthanized because of disease progression and poor prognosis. The inheritance pattern is suspected to be autosomal recessive.


Studied breeds


If cases of inherited encephalomyelopathy are suspected in other breeds we would be interested in hearing more and collecting samples from these breeds as well.


Which samples are needed

Samples are needed from affected dogs, as well as from their parents and healthy siblings.


Copies of diagnoses and other information needed

We would like to know the dogs’ case history; what are the symptoms, age of onset etc. If neurological or pathological examinations have been performed we would like to hear the results. You can also send us video clips from dogs with a suspected encephalomyelopathy. We would also like to have pedigree information from the affected dogs



  1. How to participate.
  2. Health surveillance questionnaire.


Contact us

Marjo Hytönen, marjo.hytonen(at)helsinki.fi.


Reference: MJ Hazlett, LL Smith-Maxie, A de Lahunta. A degenerative encephalomyelopathy in 7 Kuvasz puppies. Can Vet J. 2005; 46:429–432.