Project description

We are collecting samples from Australian Terriers that suffer from diabetes. Our aim is to examine the genetic background of the disease in this breed. Typical symptoms of dogs with diabetes are increased thirst, excessive urination, tiredness and weight loss.  The disease is diagnosed by measuring blood sugar levels. Both environmental and genetic factors usually contribute to diabetes risk.


Studied breeds

Australian Terrier


Which samples are needed

Samples are needed from affected dogs, as well as from older dogs that have not been diagnosed with diabetes.

Since diabetes often is a late onset disease, it is very important for the project that owners update their dogs’ health information. If you have donated a sample from an Australian Terrier that is later diagnosed with diabetes, we ask to inform the research group. You can update your dog's health information through this form or by sending an email to this address: lgl-kyselyt@helsinki.fi. We would also like to know if your sampled Australian Terrier has remained healthy in old age and has not developed diabetes.


Copies of diagnoses and other information needed

We would like to know the dogs’ case history; what are the symptoms, age of onset etc. and if the dog has responded to diet changes/medication. If clinical examinations related to diabetes have been performed, we would like to know the results.



  1. How to participate.
  2. Health surveillance questionnaire.


Contact us

Marjo Hytönen, marjo.hytonen(at)helsinki.fi.