Dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) in Salukis

Photo: Ranja Eklund

Genetic and clinical study of heart diseases in Salukis

Recently different types of heart problems have been clinically found in Salukis. We have started a new project to study these heart problems among the breed together with DVM Seppo Lamberg from veterinary clinic in Lahti, Finland.

First the aim is to collect samples and results of all dogs that have had their heart scanned by ultrasound. The samples and results are collected from all dogs around the world. We hope as well that an official canine DCM-screening form (in Finnish and in English) would be filled of every dog going to the ultrasound scan.

The aim of the research is to first determine the normal values of healthy heart. These can then be used to determine the cutoff values for dogs chosen for the research as affected. 

The research group has already tested a known DCM gene from Salukis. Preliminary results suggest that the gene is not associated with heart problems in the breed. Other known genes will be tested in the future.

For the research to proceed we would need samples from both affected and healthy dogs with health information.

Owners can participate in the research by sending an EDTA-blood sample, health form and canine DCM-screening form to the research group to the address below.

Lohen tutkimusryhmä
Biomedicum Helsinki, huone B310a
Haartmaninkatu 8
00290 Helsinki