Hereditary pulmonary disorder

The pathology research unit at Evira (Finnish Food Safety Authority) has found a new hereditary lung disease (Hereditary pulmonary disorder) in Norwich Terriers, which leads to significant puppy mortality.  The research project was launched in 2001 by veterinarian Kati Dillard. The project is part of a larger research project that aims to identify new hereditary diseases in animals that have a negative effect on the animals' welfare. The goal is to discover disease pathogens, the hereditary patterns of diseases, and disease-causing genes.  The group leader of this project is Professor Marjukka Anttila. Professor Hannes Lohi collaborates in the identification of the gene mutation causing hereditary pulmonary disease.

Further information on hereditary pulmonary disease research: Gabriele Vidgrén (gabriele.vidgren(at)




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